Nicotine Tablets and Other Ways to Kick the Habit for Good

For many young people smoking starts off as a dare or a way to rebel against the system, but what started off as a bad habit can soon turn into one of the biggest addictions in the world. Inside of every cigarette is nicotine, which has been shown to be the most addictive “drug” in the world without exception. While it may not cause the immediate damage that is associated with some of the illegal drugs the long term effects can be devastating. A number of treatments including the use of nicotine tablets have been created to help people overcome their addiction.

Nicotine replacement therapy products such as nicotine tablets, nicotine patches nicotine and gum are designed to help the smoker overcome their addiction to the nicotine they inhale with every puff on a cigarette.

Because the nicotine makes the smoker feel good every time they light up it can be very hard to quit. Using a nicotine replacement product is only one part of quitting the rest of it is having a strong desire to quit and the willpower to follow through with quitting.

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The nicotine contained in a cigarette is not really the chemical that causes damage to the lungs and body or cancer it is the smoke and tar that cause this. This is the reason that you see many low tar brands on the market but you will never see one that is billed as low nicotine. If it were not for the high levels of nicotine in cigarettes most people would have no problem at all putting their last pack of cigarettes in the rubbish and walking away.

However since the nicotine is there, the need for an alternative to it has become significant leading to the creation of products like nicotine tablets. Nicotine replacement products are designed to give the body the nicotine it craves without subjecting it to all the other toxic chemicals that are in every cigarette. By slowly reducing the quantity of tables a person takes over the course of the treatment it is possible to slowly reduce their addiction and help them successfully quit smoking once and for all.

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There are several types of nicotine replacement therapy products and while they all work, they may not all work for everybody who is trying to quit. One of the newer methods on the market is the nicotine patch. 

These look like an oversized plaster or band-aid, but instead of covering a wound they contain a small amount of nicotine that is absorbed over a period of time through the skin. The nicotine patches are usually applied in the morning and removed before the user goes to bed.  Generally the initial patches are fairly strong and as time goes by the dose is gradually reduced to zero.

Nicotine gum is one of the most successful and popular products on the market. It looks and tastes much like ordinary gum but contains a set dosage of nicotine in every stick, usually 2mg or 4mg.

Chewed for approximately 30 minutes the nicotine is absorbed into the body through the mucus membrane inside the person mouth as they rest between chewing. Depending on the strength of the gum a maximum of 15 to 20 sticks can be chewing in one 24 hour period.

For those who are not only addicted to the nicotine but the physical act of putting the cigarette to their lips and inhaling the nicotine inhaler may be the best solution. Designed in many cases to look and feel like a real cigarette, the inhaler dispenses a fine mist each time the smoker puffs on it that contains a dose of nicotine.

The nicotine is absorbed by the lining of the mouth as the user is not supposed to inhale the mist into their lungs. The inhaler has become one of the most popular methods of nicotine replacement therapies.

If the person must have instant relief for their nicotine cravings there is the nicotine nasal spray that contains a small dose of nicotine. Inhaled through the nose the results are almost instantaneous granting the nicotine addict almost immediate relief from his symptoms due to the body’s ability to absorb the nicotine through the mucus membranes that exist in the sinus passages.

Perhaps the easiest nicotine replacement therapies to use are nicotine tablets. These easy to swallow tablets are designed to replenish the nicotine in the person’s system without them having to resort to smoking again for their physical cravings. However a person chooses to quit smoking they must realize that all nicotine replacement therapies are designed to work hand in hand with the person willpower to help them kick one of the worst habits in the world.


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